Franchise: Pokémon
Game: Pokémon X and Y Versions
Final Smash: Waterfall

Moveset: Edit

  • Jab Combo: Headbutts (3%), Whips with its tail (2%), then swipes with its right hand (3%).
  • Jab Infinite: Continiuosly 
  • Dash Attack:  
  • Forward Tilt: 
  • Up Tilt: Jumps up happily
  • Down Tilt: 
  • Forward Smash: 
  • Up Smash: 
  • Down Smash: 
  • Neutral Aerial: 
  • Forward Aerial: 
  • Back Aerial: 
  • Up Aerial: 
  • Down Aerial: 
  • Neutral Special: [Bubble Beam] Squirtle shoots Bubbles from its mouth, stunning enemies. (7%)
  • Side Special: [Rapid Spin] Squirtle withdraws in its Shell, then spins swiftly across the stage. You can change direction with {MOVE} (7%)
  • Up Special: [Aqua Jet] Squirtle surrounds itself in water, then shoots up in 2 directions of your choice. (2% Water, 8% Squirtle)
  • Down Special: [Water Gun] Squirtle charges up water, then unleashes it, pushing opponents back.
  • Grab: 
  • Grab Pummel: 
  • Forward Throw: 
  • Back Throw: 
  • Up Throw: 
  • Down Throw: 
  • Final Smash: [Waterfall] Squirtle moves to the back of the stage, saying "Squirtle! Squirtle!". Then a giant Waterfall comes in from the top of the stage to the bottom of the stage. It has almost the lowest knockback, so that it keeps the foes in place. Then, the Waterfall slowly moves downward drenching anyone who touches it (8X%); Afterwards, all who got hit will be instantly hit with a meteor effect to finish them off (3%).
  • Up Taunt: 
  • Side Taunt: 
  • Down Taunt: 
  • Floor Attack: Spins in its shell getting up (5%)
  • Ledge Attack: Jumps back on and attacks with its tail, similar to its third jab in Brawl.

Recolors/Palette Swaps: Edit

  1. Original
  2. Red
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Unknown
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
  8. Unknown

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