Franchise: Kirby
Game: Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Final Smash: Ultra Sword

Moveset: Edit

  • Jab Combo: Right-hand Punch (2%), Left-hand Punch (3%), Infinite punches with left hand (1%), Huge kick with right foot (2%).
  • Dash Attack: Dashes, spinning like a top (1X, 4%).
  • Forward Tilt: A spinning kick with his right foot (8%).
  • Up Tilt: Tilts upward to get more reach while kicking with his left foot (4%)
  • Down Tilt: Crouches and spins 180*, kicking with his left foot (6%)
  • Forward Smash: Charges, then jumps forward with a huge kick (15-21%)
  • Up Smash: Flips upwards kicking foot after foot (14-21%)
  • Down Smash: Does the splits and spins (15-20%)
  • Neutral Aerial: Spins in a circle facing you, smiling all the way (10%)
  • Forward Aerial: Kicks forwards three times (4, 3, 5%)
  • Back Aerial: Looks behind him kicking with both feet (13%)
  • Up Aerial: Flips up and kicks with his feet (9%)
  • Down Aerial: Kicks with both legs extended and spins like a tornado (1X, 2%)
  • Neutral Special: [Inhale] Kirby sucks up the opponent, keeping them in his mouth. By pressing DOWN, you may copy the opponent's Neutral Special attack, or, Copy Ability.
  • Side Special: [Hammer] Kirby pulls out his Hammer (from Hammer Copy Ability), and charges it with fire. (19-35%)
  • Up Special: [Final Cutter] Kirby uses his Cutter (from Cutter Copy Ability), and slices while jumping up (5%), falling down (2%), and finally makes a shockwave with his sword (5%)
  • Down Special: [Stone] Kirby turns into a stone object, dropping as if he were tons (18%). When Kirby is an object, he is completely invulnerable to knockback for a few seconds. Though, if Kirby is attacked enough before he turns back, he'll turn back in a hurt state with around 2/3 damage from the attack that broke his Stone shield.
  • Grab: Grabs opponent with his right hand.
  • Grab Pummel: Attacks with his left hand (1%).
  • Forward Throw: Flips over similar to one of his Suplex moves (6%).
  • Back Throw: Flips backwards similar to one of his other Suplex moves (8%).
  • Up Throw: Brings the opponent way up in the sky, then drops down at a fascinating speed, slamming the opponent to the ground, causing a huge explosion (10%).
  • Down Throw: Puts the opponent under him, then kicks them multiple times (7%)
  • Final Smash: [Ultra Sword]
  • Up Taunt: Does his signature dance that he does when he beats a level in Kirby Super Star Ultra. This also makes Kirby lose his current Copy Ability.
  • Side Taunt: Spins around, then poses saying "Byeoo!" This also makes Kirby lose his current Copy Ability.
  • Down Taunt: Waves his arms to you, saying "Hiiiii!". This makes Kirby lose his current Copy Ability, and if you go by TVTropes, he is "Breaking the Fourth Wall".
  • Floor Attack: Gets up, then does an attack similar to his Dash Attack (7%).
  • Ledge Attack: Climbs up swiftly and kicks (7%)

Recolors/Palette Swaps: Edit

  1. Original
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Red
  5. Green
  6. White
  7. Orange
  8. Purple

Gallery: Edit

Kirby dcPlGWJ

Kirby and Recolors-Ingame -Click to Enlarge

Download: Edit

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