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Donkey Kong
Franchise: Donkey Kong
Game: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Final Smash: Konga Beat
 Donkey Kong is a character from the Donkey Kong games. He is a giant ape with brown fur, and bright brown skin. He wears his signature red tie, with his emblem DK on it. His moveset is mostly punches and slaps.

Moveset: Edit

  • Jab Combo: Punches with left hand (4%), then his right hand (6%).
  • Dash Attack: Slowly rolls into the opponent (10%)
  • Forward Tilt: Swipes with his left hand (10%), while making a fist in his right hand.
  • Up Tilt: Slaps upwards with his right hand (9%).
  • Down Tilt: Hits opponent with right hand (7%)
  • Forward Smash: Charges his two hands behind his back, then slaps fiercly (18-28%)
  • Up Smash: Slaps with both hands upward (18-28%)
  • Down Smash: Slams down his fists on the ground violently (18-24%).
  • Neutral Aerial: Spins using his hand as choppers (11%).
  • Forward Aerial: Punches and flips with both fists, meteor smashing opponents (15%)
  • Back Aerial: Does a dance-like back kick with his left leg (13%).
  • Up Aerial: Headbutts into the opponent knocking them skyward (13%).
  • Down Aerial: Fiercly stretching his right leg, Donkey Kong slams the opponent into the ground (16%).
  • Neutral Special: [Giant Punch] Pumps up his muscles by swinging his arm around, then punches very, very, strongly (10-28%)
  • Side Special: [Headbutt] Headbutts the foe with an Impale Effect (10%)
  • Up Special: [Spinning Kong] On the ground, DK spins at an angle (7-2X-4%), and in the air, spins straight; This move has long horizontal range, but lacks in vertical range (4X-5X-2X%)
  • Down Special: [Hand Slap] Slaps the ground with superpower, creating an earthquake (14%); In the air, DK tries to slap the foe into the ground, but only twice (4, 5%).
  • Grab: Grabs and practically chokes the other character with his left hand.
  • Grab Pummel: Slaps the opponent with his other hand (2%).
  • Forward Throw: Holds the opponent on his back. Press {MOVE} and {ATTACK} to input into another throw.
  • Back Throw: Throws the foe behind him, turning (17%).
  • Up Throw: Looks to the sky and throws the opponent as high as he can (9%)
  • Down Throw: Grabs the opponent with his other hands, then smashes them on the ground with great force (7%)
  • Final Smash: [Konga Beat] Summons bongos, and plays a familiar tune. A timer bar appears above him telling you when to press {ATTACK}. The higher combo you get, the more damage it does.
  • Up Taunt: Beats his chest like a true gorilla.
  • Side Taunt: Shakes like a dog in the rain, smiling.
  • Down Taunt: Acts very surprised in an "I don't know," kind of way.
  • Floor Attack: Slaps in front of him, then behind him (7%)
  • Ledge Attack: Climbs on, then punches the ground in front of him (8%)

Recolors/Palette Swaps: Edit

  1. Original
  2. Black
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. White
  7. Yellow
  8. Pink

Gallery: Edit

Download(s): Edit

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  1. His infamous down aerial was changed entirely, possibly because of how overpowered it was.
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