Franchise: Pok?mon
Game: Pok?mon X and Y versions
Final Smash: Mega Charizard X

Moveset changes from Brawl to Project Super Smash 4: Edit

  • Side Special [Flare Blitz]: Charges at the target, burning on fire. Causes major damage to both fighters.
  • Down Special [Rock Smash]: Smashes a rock on the foe's head, dealing massive damage.

Recolors/Palette Swaps: Edit

  1. Original (Finished!)
  2. Red (Unfinished)
  3. Green (Unfinished)
  4. Pink (Unfinished)
  5. HeartGold (Unfinished)
  6. SoulSilver (Unfinished)
  7. Blue (Unfinished)
  8. Purple (Unfinished)

Gallery: Edit

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Download(s): Edit

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